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Map of Zion National Park where we climbed to Angels Landing at 5790 feet

VIDEO - Zion Campsite

The Nevada side of Lake Mead

The trams will take you almost anywhere you want to go in Zion National Park

Wild Turkey in UT

Campsite with a view in Zion National Park

The Grotto footbridge over the virgin river in Zion NP

Mother Nature at work

The beautiful Virgin River

Virgin River in Zion NP

This is what my 3 young friends are making this old man climb and this is the easy part

Zion National Park at sunset

Looking up the mountain at the people on the trail

Scout Lookout is almost there

Virgin River Zion NP

The Virgin River Zion NP

The beautiful Virgin River flowing

The walkway goes back and forth and it's not an easy climb

This ridge is part of the trail to get to the top. If you look close you will see people between the two tall trees at the top of pic

The easy part of the climb

Zion National Park

Don't look down

Yes that is where we are going

Part of the climb at Zion NP

The chain is there for a reason

And this is it, the top of Angles Landing

It was a long climb but we made it

Zion National Park is in the southern part of Utah and is one of the most beautiful National Parks in the country.  It is a reasonable 7 hours from the Los Angeles area and well worth a long weekend drive.

The trail my friends and I took was not easy but with several rest stops along the way, it allowed me to  produced some beautiful photos.  The pictures don’t really do the hike justice so you need to make the climb in person.  I highly recommend it for anyone not afraid of heights and healthy enough to withstand a 2 1/2 mile  up hill hike.  Oh yeah, take extra water with you.  You will need it.  Brad

This Turkey Vulture wares tag number 99

The beautiful valley from the top

Coming back down is not easy either




Sept.—Oct. 2009


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