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Wild Flowers in CO

DKW and a Puch

The emblem under the hood

Bogatti but what year

F-86 at rest

NJ on his 1963 Triumph

46 seconds of Humming Birds Video

Cody with a name change from Buddy has a big happy smile

Steve McQueen's old GMC pickup and Husky

From the Steve McQueen Movie Bullet

Is that Christine

This bloom from a Rubber Tree is about 10 inches across

Steve McQueen Poster

Steve McQueen's old Husky

The Porsche row

Cobra A real one

A James Dean type of car

Chad McQueen signing autographs in his late father's new book McQueen's Machines with author Matt Stone

Newcomb's Ranch on - Angeles Crest Hwy CA 2

My friend Tim V calls this Artsie Fartsie Stuff

1956 Porsche Speedster

Cobra interior

Aston Martin V12 engine under the hood

2PA--AT-12 Guardsman

London Taxi

Aston Martin

The same F86 in flight taken May 18, 2008

Brody's model is the one below

Boeing P26A Peashooter

Desert Flowers

My 1993 ST1100 with 105,000 miles on the odometer and still going strong

Campsite at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon

A male Western Bluebird at the camp site in the Grand Canyon

F 86 from Planes of Fame Air Museum Chino, CA

Cops are coming after us on Rt.66

Ride on the way to Oatman AZ On Rt. 66 VIDEO

At the start of the trip

From the South Rim of the Grand Canyon1

From the South Rim of the Grand Canyon2

I wonder what the age is of this tree

Looks like a bunch of bikers to me

This dog's name is Wendy. Paralyzed in the hind quarters and is one of the happiest dogs I have seen thanks to his owner

From the South Rim of the Grand Canyon3

More artsie fartsie stuff

The Colorado River from the South Rim

Look again and you will see a lovely lady sitting on the edge of the clif

There is a little tiny spider waiting to grap what ever insect comes along

Well hello there - He is about 50 feet from the rim of the Grand Canyon

Young Elk just strolling along

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My. It sure looks nice and peaceful until you look at that sign

Cactus in Bloom

More cactus in bloom

Pretty weed near the rim of the GC

Rt. 66 sign

Some of the desert weeds make pretty flowers

Ghost gas station in the little town of Peach Springs AZ on Old Rt. 66

Nice Roadster.jpg






June 2009

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Roy's Motel Cafe Amboy CA

Ferruginous Hawk on the move