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And the Hoe

Home of Express Ranches Clydesdales

Bet this wagon has seen a lot of travel

Don't beat abound the bush about it- Just say it

The Canadian Goose Family

Kayaking was fun -Now come and pick me up

Part of a petrified log about 3 feet wide

Model A Ford

Hold still

Great-tailed Grackle

Needs a lot of work

They say it's the largest cross in the Western Hemisphere - Groom TX

A shack is a shack

This one is also still still pumping water.

Makes me feel real loose like a Long Neck Goose

Groom TX

Express Ranches entry

After the flower

Express Ranches

Express Ranches ranch house

I had one of these once-Same color too

Yes a Zebra

Nice barn

A wood structure windmill still working

Oklahoma City National Memorial

I wonder where this wagon wheel has been

How about a zebra in your front yard

Barn and Silo

Get out of my space.

Shhh-I'm hiding

Good Fishing

This Longhorn bull has a problem on his face

White Fronted Goose

Wake up ducks

Yeah yeah yeah-So I am a wildcat

In front of the Oklahoma City National Memorial

Check out the paint job

Great-tailed Grackle in flight

Downtown Oklahoma City

If you must have a propane tank - Why not make it into a smiley face

Oklahoma City National Memorial site

We come here to remember those who were killed those who survived and those changed forever. May this memorial offer comfort strength piece hope and serenity

Needs a new roof

Check out the Scythe on the wagon



May 2009



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In the evening before sunset in North TX

It's almost ready to fall

Nice Paint job

Cruising down the river

The dam at Lake Overholser in OK

A Gar swimming with the turtles

This turtle is approximately 12 inches long

Sit and watch the water time

Now that's a real cabin

Now this was a barn -in its day

Scissor Tailed Flycatcher

Scissor Tailed Flycatcher taking off

Stormy night in OK City.

Silo needs help

This is what makes the circles you see from the air

Wild Flowers

Windy Day

I would guess this is famous in North Texas

From the appearance of the old International Pickup-Looks like he's taking a long time just to get a BBQ

An old Studebaker

He is just resting

And his wing span is about 2 inches