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VIDEO Slow ride then a Fast ride through the rocks of the Rogue River

Mr or Ms Bald Eagle I can't tell

VIDEO Eagle in the tree on Rogue River

VIDEO Our boat spins and everyone gets wet

Hellgate boat coming in to load

VIDEO The 2nd boat spins then gets splashed

Nice catch from the Rogue River

Hellgate flat bottom boat ride and a promise to get soaking wet

The Hellgate boat approaches Hellgate Canyon slowly

Bet this wagon would have stories to tell

The geese ignore us as we pass by

Hellgate boat ready to load

VIDEO Last spin then the end of the ride

Rogue River Fishing


Rogue River Grants Pass OR

Hellgate Excursions Boat and I promise you will get wet. Really fun

The bridge over the Rogue River Grants Pass OR



The OK Corral wagon

Three bears carved

This house needs just a little work

I had to take this pic of this one inch flower

Old Tractor and skeleton

Wild Turkey but not the kind you drink

The Morning Glory opens for a short time in the morning sun

A wild flower from the mountains of Oregon

Wild flower in Oregon

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Harry and David since 1934

Ford did it right with the Model A

Is this a Tiny House

This finch is on the hunt

I road in the back of one like this many years ago

Picture this

This guy is riding hard

Tortoise on the move

Now we know what his is after. A piece of lettuce

VIDEO - A shady spot on Glendora Ridge Road

BAPS Mandir A hindu place of worship

BAPS Mandir