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Downtown L.A. from the San Gabriel Mountains

VIDEO  - Mike in the shop

Banquet flowers are lovely

Nasty poison oak

Air Hose


This time of year poison oak can really be pretty. But it is still poison oak

My old 1983 CB1000 is still an awesome motorcycle

Banquet flowers

San Gabriel Mountains

Too much of the wrong fertilizer made the pomegranate split open as it was growing

Just hanging around

Water and a napkin. Must be dinner time

My rear-end

VIDEO Rincon Red Box Canyon

View of the San Gabriel's

Mt Baldy before the snow

Not much water left in that bottle


It's called a George Burns rose

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It looks like a mine of some kind

Another evening in Chino Hills

An evening in Chino Hills

My friend John had one of these back in ...in...19ehh ...1974

Overlooking Palm Desert CA

I have always had a love for old wagons

Sunset with Catalina Island between the two trees

Mt Wilson Observatory from the mountains

15 year old Juniper, 11 year old Rubber Tree, 8 year old Pomegranate, 10 year old Japanese Maple, 11 year old Sweet Gum 20 tree forest and top back is my 21 year Sweet Gum bonsai