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It's windy up here

I wish I was a cow

My bird book calls these guys a Coot

Fall Bonsai Forest

The sky on the way to work

Careful...High Voltage

Another view of burned out trees and Mt Baldy

Above Lake Henshaw in southern CA

A Saturday ride on GMR 11-16-13

Wide shot of GMR 11-28-13

I had to climb to the top of the hill to get this shot

Above Lake Henshaw CA

Some CalTrans worker has a since of humor...Look at the face.

Southwest on its way somewhere

Autumn hit hard on Glendora Ridge Road

LA in the sunset from the San Gabriel Mountains

White Daffodil in November

A red leaf here a red leaf there....

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Scotland 6-1997

Tuesday Morning Sky 11-12-13

LB in Death Valley taken by David B

4-8-8-4 Big Boy No. 4014 pic 1

4-8-8-4 Big Boy No. 4014 Pic 2

Crysthanamum bloom

Crysthanamum bloom




Union Pacific Big Boy 4014 explained

Sunrise 11-26-13

4-8-8-4 Big Boy No. 4014 Pic 3

Orchid bloom

Sunset over Chino Hills

Sunrise Thanksgiving day 2013

Today's ride on Glendora Ridge Road - 11-17-13

California Maple Trees did this

Autumn on Glendora Ridge Road