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He is the owner. He chases all others away



P51 What a great airplane

Breakfast in Wrightwood, CA

Same road on a cloudy morning

From Glendora Ridge Road May 2011

Two P51

The guy in the back seat is looking at the camera, not where they're going

I'm Raven

In the San Gabriel Mountains

P 51

Bloom from a tree in the desert


From my neighbor

Above the clouds at 6,000 feet

First cast on a 2 inch Rapela

Chino Air Show May 2011


David and I

From Mt Baldy Lodge

Southern CA does have some beautiful lakes

At the edge of the cloud

Above the clouds still at 6,000 feet

Taking a rest stop in the San Gabriel Mountains

My Flag for Memorial Day

More Mountain weeds but pretty



This is the beauty of Glendora Ridge Road in spring time

The beautiful mountains near Mt Baldy in CA

Isn't this a nice peaceful look

Peek-a-boo I don't see you

May June 2011Click on the "picture" to enlarge
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Bees are busy as a bee can be

Maybe I will have a pomegranate this time

Pomegranate is growing and doing well...so far

The Grand Canyon is so spectacular

The Grand Canyon is truly spectacular

More Of The Grand Canyon

From Glendora Ridge Road

Fun times at 6,000 feet



Daily Visitor to the back yard

Gary and Mike relaxing at the edge of the Grand Canyon

Egret... I startled him and he startled me

Every tree-house needs a branch growing out it walls

Long Ranger Rocks

I am wondering why the fancy lighting on a bride with little traffic

And I hate snow

Lake Mary near Mammoth Lakes CA

Mammoth Lakes CA for Great Skiing

Mammoth Lakes CA

Twin Lakes near Mammoth Lakes CA