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F86 ready for take-off

F22 Raptor in flight

L to R F86 - F22 - P38 - P51

Lady Bug Convention

In for a landing


Lady bug

Upside down

My ST on GRR

Resting near Fallbrook CA

Hey LADY What are you hiding from


Momma’s eggs

Riding on GMR

Mom's 90th Birthday

Wild from the San Gabriel Mountains About 1 inch across

Mr. road runner

African Violets

More wild from the San Gabriel Mountains

And more wild from the San Gabriel Mountains

In the weeds

Ole - My favorite


Oil rig from the Olinda Oil Museum in Brea CA

From the Olinda Oil Museum

Like my mother had

May 2015Click on the picture
to enlarge, then
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Fungus on a rock

This guy is a real workaholic

A little flower common in CA but I have no idea what it is called

Bird House

Ms Oriole is back

My local fishing hole

My motorcycle in the background

Up close and personal with this flower

Flowering sunset