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Motel A  still runs great

Hello MS Oriole

Well MS Oriole what do you have to say

1956 Corvette


Kiser - early 50s - not sure of the year

The back side of Mt Baldy from Angeles Crest Hwy

You talking to me

1953 Buick Special. This is like my first over 100 MPH ride as a kid and I wasn't driving

VIDEO- Ride with Jim Ward 5-20-12

Taking a rest on Angeles Crest Hwy

Shhh, listen

1957 Thunderbird

JW on CB1000 May 20-2012

Newcombs 5-20-12

Hey, I'm not the one that's ugly

My camera display

Desert Tortes

The Song Dog Ranch in action

From the Air Museum in Palmdale CA

From the museum in Palmdale CA

Chino Creek Wetlands and Educational Park, Chino, CA

Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk in Palmdale CA

SR71 in Palmdale CA

Wetlands Park 2

Wetlands Park 3

Wetlands Park 4

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