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This is an orchid

Pretty Rose

Flower bloom is less than one half inch across

1985 Yamaha RZ350

The parking lot is filled with cars and people off hiking in the mountains

This aphid was trying to start a family that would eat my roses.  I told her no way.

The new rider with his Agusta motorcycle doing an selfie with David

A flock of what

VIDEO - David test riding a new rider's Agusta F4

The front of our campsite

Taken in the weeds

This is a better view of the parking lot

My Sunday ride with David near Crystal Lake, CA


This is the new rider's Agusta after he crashed with David looking it over

Campsite 3-14-15


Honey Bee doing his thing.

I do hundreds of push-ups every day How many can you do

Honey Bee

Moth 1

Moth 2

Moth 3

The Rufous Hummingbird is very timid

Orchid in bloom

My new neighbor's little sweetie

That's Mr. Robin to you

Mr. Woodpecker

Mr. Blue jay

March 2015Click on the picture
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Cactus flowers

Ocotillo Cactus in bloom

Cactus flower

Nasty little cactus with lots of thorns

Pete overlooking the valley

Spring time on GMR-GRR