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Scotty's Castle from another view

It's a big gorge in Death Valley

UK Stephen preparing for the day's ride

Looking down on Badwarter in DV

My KLR and Tent at Texas Springs Campground in Death Valley

He was not happy

It must be the Jack Daniels

Stephen from the UK by campfire light

The Amazing Wonder Woman overlooking Badwatrter in DV 2014

VIDEO Ubehebe Crater

Ubehebe crater in DV

Fron the left sitting, Stephen Neil standing, Brad Brayton Mike Ben Jason Gary

My KLR is overlooking Badwarter in DV

Wonder Woman has him by the zipper That's my new friend Jason

Us at the crater in DV.

Among the best beer I have ever had but can't find it in California

This photo tells the story

My KLR at Trona Pinnacles

Trona Pinnacles are so beautiful but so lonely

Flower...It's about 3 inches across

Sunrise March 9, 2014

From the San Bernardino Mountains

Tiny quarter inch blooms

Entering the dark tunnel at 50 MPH certainly gets your attention.

He is getting ready to take off


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Texas Springs Campground from above