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A place in Diamond Bar CA

VIDEO Fireman to the rescue

Fireman to the rescue after someone hit a fire hydrant

Orchid for you

This is the road above Lytle Creek 3N31


Rose 2

BFR Big Fun Rock is being moved through L. A.

Rose 1

1939 Cadillac I will post a pic when it is restored

Rose 4

I couldn't get close enough to get a good shot at this Big Rock as it moved through the L A area

More orchid for you

Rose 3


1939 Cadillac needs a little work

Looking down on Lytle Creek from 3n31

Taken from 3N31 near Lytle Creek CA

At the junction of 2N79 and 3N31 above Lytle Creek CA

And here is proof that this log has been down for a long time

This log shows the beauty of nature

From the Crystal Lake CA area

2012Click on the picture 
to enlarge then
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It must have been a nice home with the outside stairway


He's a tiny little thing

This must have been a nice home many years ago

US Geological Survey Marker

Looking down from the road to Crystal Lake

Stopped for some R and R

HEY Are you asleep

Azusa CA

Tiny little flower


Sister and Brother

Not bad for while the car is moving