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Death Valley Trip 3-2011

I love the early morning dew


Mr. Hopper

I beg your pardon

An oldie but still pretty

From my front yard



Rose shot at 1.2000 F5.6

Big Thompson River Estes Park, CO



Okay I love roses too

Here is the pilot doing his thing

The other duck pond in Southern California not far from Chino Hills

Sheriff Helicopter coming in for a landing

Up he goes with the victim

Shawn helps load the guy on the helicopter

Yorba & Slaughter Family Adobe, Chino Hills, CA

Morning Dew shot at 1-2000 F4

West Corona Train Station

Shawn gets recruited to help carry the bike crash victim

The pilot prepares for his takeoff


And away they go to the hospital

Air Strip at Stovepipe Wells Death Valley CA

From Scotty's Garage 1

Scotty's Castle in Death Valley

From Scotty's Garage 2

From Scotty's Garage 3

Gate to Scotty's Garage

Ghost in Rhyolite NV

Mar. 2011Click on the “picture” to enlarge
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Ghost of Rhyolite NV

John S Cook &Co Bank sign

This is what is left of John S Cook & Co Bank

It was Rhyolite Gas Station

Rhyolite General Store

Rhyolite Train Station

Dove from Death Valley

Rest at Kramer Junction

Rest Stop at Kramer Junction

Close up Flower in the wild

Close up Flower growing wild

Moon 3-21-11

Life is good in Death Valley. Where’s my beer