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1951 Ford Cop Car

Wildflower from the mountains

Number 4 Engine Co

1949 Dodge Woody Power Wagon

Chuck Wagon


Blues Brothers make a showing

Long Johns out to dry

Pontiac Woody Wagon

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Dignitaries

Spring wild flowers in the mountains

Chuck Wagon ready for anything

36 Ford deluxe coupe 5 window

Busy little bee

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Graduation 2016

1925 Ford Model T Depot Hack

A Woody Lover's Ford Woody

1955 Chevy Pickup

Leon Panetta speaks at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo Graduation 2016

VIDEO - Meagan receives her diploma

Meagan is a very happy electrical engineer

No one sailing in Morro Bay this morning

From left to right - grandson Jacob, daughter-in-law Connie, granddaughter Meagan and son Rick

Need a tire

The BFR at Morro Bay...

OK, OK Big Fun Rock

My old 1963 Corvair

Corvair OK so it's a model

June 2016Click on the picture
to enlarge, then
"Back" to return to album

Another Flowers I don't know it's name.

It's time to go home

Just Flowers

Another pic of a flower

This exceptional photo was taken by Carol Richardson

I'm not buzzing you so leave me alone

VIDEO - That's snow on that mountain

Are you going to cross that bridge or not

Pete's catch from Mammoth