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Ms Oriole

This Humming Bird is the new owner of the feeder

He is guarding the feeder and losing to a new owner

BMW 2014 F800GSA

1950 ford Woody ready for the serf

BMW 2014 F800GS Adventure

It's a weed but a pretty one

It's a model and a fast one

We just came up this steep monstrous hill on a gravel road with deep ruts and large rocks. Tough doing it on street tires but a fun ride

Three of a kind and they were really good strawberries

Mt Baldy in the background with burned out trees left from several years ago

Autumn Leaf in summer

BMW 2014 F800GS Adv

It's a weed with a pretty flower

Poison Oak

My 2008 KLR650 at sunset

My 1993 Honda ST1100A in the mountains

Remains of a thistle

Be still or he will see me

Up close and personal with a Tarantula and his hairy legs

Cody is all grown up now

A tiny one inch flower

VIDEO  Part of Above Lytle Creek 6-29-14. The steep part

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Looking up at the mountain