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VIDEO Side of road vid of SRM and Al

Kern Plateau overlooking Sequoia National Forest

Taking a dirt road rest

Side of the road pic of Al

Oh deer

Side of the road of SRM

I had to park to take a pic of the beauty

Little Blue

My KLR is getting a workout

Chuga Chuga close up

It's a Sarcodes...AKA Snow Plant

Wait guys, I see something

Jay is standing on a mound that makes him look tall. Hmm I guess he is tall

More beauty in Sequoia National Park

Chuga Chuga.

Sequoia National Park and it's beauty

Camping in Troy Meadows in Sequoia National Forest

Camping in Troy Meadows in north central CA

Four drive wheels on each side

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe boxcar

Lawn chair for sale

McLaren One of the worlds fastest cars

Train - This one is real


The band in Tom's Farm

The band plays on

Garden in Disneyland

2013Click on the picture
to enlarge then
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Hungry blackbird

1953 Studebaker Pickup


Hey look, I found a good spot

Aphid with baby

In the wild