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Denis on kind of a road above Lake Castaic

This bridge helps the workers on the pipe line

Denis near the Tumble Inn remains

Officer is just checking up on us

Above Lake Hughes Road and Interstate 5

For no reason they put the this gate up and no way around. So...back 20 miles

In Mammoth Lakes the 5 level condo taken from level 3

Tumble Inn

In Mammoth Lakes the 5 level condo

Historic Knight Wheel plaque

Historic Knight Wheel and adjacent structure

What's left of the Tumble Inn

Denis and Caroline Wed 6-16-12

Near Lone Pine CA on Rt 395



Historic Knight Wheel

Mt Baldy in the back

Lake Castaic in CA

Roadrunner peeking through the bushes

Knight Wheel and adjacent structure

Gull Lake north of Mammoth Lakes CA

Lake George in the Mammoth Lakes area

Mr. Green Head

The ole fishing hole in Mammoth Lakes

Yes it's just a fire hydrant

From the Fish Hatchery 1

From the Fish Hatchery 2

From the Fish Hatchery 3

Dad bringing mom food for the babies

Mom feeding the babies

Water Fall in the Center

Olancha CA on US Hwy 395

As seen in CA on US Hwy 395

It's not a dandelion and hard to take with a cell phone

June 2012Click on the picture
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It's not a dandelion

Oh yeah

Piece rose

Spring time in the mountains

Yes I have a thing for flowers

VIDEO - A collection of possible interesting things on a windy day

That's not a good place to park

San Gabriel Mountains

City lights from my iphone