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Engineer and Fireman for the Durango Silverton Steam Engine



SRM 7-25-11

Riding down from Big Bear CA VIDEO

Someone lived here many years ago.  North of Big Bear CA

Unpacking to get setup at the Song Dog

Blue Dragonfly

Getting ready to set up camp for the night at the Song Dog

No.8 Iron Horse BMW

NJ and his Tiger

The start going into turn 1 at Laguna Seca 7-24-11

Leave me alone I'm busy

This is the last lap before Stoner passed to take the win at Laguna Seca 7-24-11

NJ with his new Tiger and my KLR

Packed KLR on the beautiful coast of CA

California coast 7-25-11

As it happened at Laguna Seca 7-24-11 Alvaro Bautista crash

Yummy strawberries

Overlooking Silverton

Flyover at the start of the GP race in Laguna Seca

Silverton CO

Lunch at the BBQ place in Downtown Silverton was great

The beauty of Red Mountain



Red Mountain from Ouray CO

Ouray CO campsite

This is camping

KLR650 What a sweet bike

KLR650 reflection


Mr. Baertracks himself

The Start of Black Bear Pass

Black Bear Pass SIGN

This is what it is really all about, the beauty and the riding pleasure combined

Resting up for the trip down to Telluride

The town of Silverton CO

Durango Silverton steam engine train turning around



Durango Silverton Steam Engine

Shawn and Al had to walk back up the rock trail  on Black Bear Pass

Above Telluride CO

Looking down on Telluride CO

Looks like a used Jeep

Riding down the Black Bear Pass to the water fall above Telluride CO VIDEO

1956 BMW

Camping in Pismo Beach

Relaxing on Pismo Beach

Is he...Na he's got a smile on his face

Take a ride around Pismo Beach

HEY I'm talking to you

Whisper something nice and no biting

Hop hop

It's a real tug of war

This butterfly is about one inch across his wing span

San Diego County Day Ride VIDEO

This is Ellie. I bought her in 1975 with the ball at the base about 1 inch in diameter.  Now the ball at the base is about 2 feet in diameter

You did what

The motor  makes 874 HP with 842 foot pounds or torque

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