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Sliverwood Lake 1-11-14

Gary and I on Lytle Creek road

Made from scrap metal

My KLR from Lytle Creek road

Royal... but what is it

Rest stop on Rainbow Canyon road

Taking a closer look at the road I just came down and it was no easy

VIDEO Rainbow Canyon road

It took four pulling engines to get this one over the mountains

Just off of Rainbow Canyon road

We just came down this road if you can call it that.

Stoddard Wells Road at Hwy 247

You can see why they named it Rainbow Canyon

Rainbow Canyon ...a very colorful place

Glendora Ridge road...Good Riding and Mt Baldy with no snow

Glendora Ridge Road toward Baldy Village

Glendora Ridge Road...I had to climb to get this shot

7905 up close

Four Pulling Engines

Four engines pulling on the way to L A

John Deere on the move

4 engines pulling outbound and 2 pulling the inbound

Train artwork

Heavy load

Above Lytle Creek

Looking down on Lytle Creek

2014Click on the picture
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Honda CBX 6 cylinder engine

Heart of the Orchid

1972—Me-- Drink too much--No way