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You men have your harem, well I have my drakes

Proud Mallard

No passengers here

Mr. Redeye is a Black Crowned Night Heron

Two P51s side by side

Brothers maybe

Brr it's cold out here

What is it

Wild wabbit

One little drop does it

Crane Fly - often mistaken for a male mosquito

What plane is this

Mr. Redeye is watching me as I watch him

Brr it's cold in here too

One little drop shows my sidewalk

FW-190 flight 1-5-13

VIDEO FW-190-flight 1-5-13

FW-190 in flight

You’re interrupting my lunch

Shoo Listen

Mr. Redtail Hawk

We each have our own hobbies


To each his own

Good Year Blimp at rest

Good Year Blimp pilot and passenger cabin

Glendora Ridge Road in Southern California. A dangerous but awesome motorcycle road, even in the winter

2013Click on the picture
to enlarge then
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Texas Longhorn in California

Photo taken in Horsetown USA --  Norco, CA

From Cleghorn Road with Mt Baldy in the background

Saturn  It's not a great photo but it's the best my camera will do

LA from San Gabriel Mountains 28 miles away

LB 1-20-13

Model T pickup maybe

My KLR with the old pickup

Four Coots just hanging out

Great Blue Heron says I'm watching you

Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron just walking around

Killdeer Killdeer

Not bad for Chino Hills CA

Now that's a tree house

It a new Temple in Chino CA

Three droplets

Two drops