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U.S. Navy

You can learn to fly at Chino Airport


Red-tailed Hawk

A skate boarder wiped out and is being airlifted

He is landing at Chino Airport

Taken with multi-faceted lens

LA County Fire Dept N17LA

Looks like a flock of cranes

The Valley off of CA 79

The chimney stands after the fire from several years ago

VIDEO - taking off with the victim.

Ahh awe. He sees me

A one inch wildflower

They look real but their not

My motorcycle in front of Lone Ranger Rocks

My friend Bob as a cop with his parents in 1968

Hopefully no bird strikes

No bird strikes please

Seagulls near the runway

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It’s the back yard through the jar top

My new house. I hope they like it

My new barn. Again I hope they like it too

My other new house.  We will see as springs come

From the bird house store

RR Equipment

VIDEO - Five Engines

My friend Michel throwing the football

My friend Alejandro and me 2-5-16

Ale throwing the football