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From the USS Midway in San Diego, CA

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

One of the light house bedrooms

The beacon display  from the Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego

From the USS Midway Bridge

USS Makin Island (LHD 8)

Inside the lighthouse

San Diego from the USS Midway

San Diego Navy Submarine Base from Point Loma

Early morning with downtown San Diego in the background

The beacon display  from the Point Loma Lighthouse

From the USS Midway.

USS Makin Island (LHD 8) in the background


San Diego Bay.

San Diego from Point Loma

Old Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego

This would keep you busy. Look at all the cables and lines

Star of India in San Diego Bay

Model T Ford

It looks real but it is a model

Four engines pulling and it is a model

Train through the mountains.  It's a model

He is playing his didgeridoo and he is really good at it

Dancing Flowers...taken in the rain

Joyce's other house

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The beacon from the Point Loma Lighthouse, San Diego