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Big Snake

On Hwy 79 near Temecula CA this artist has talent

The stage has arrived

Old Town Temecula

Jumping the highway

Iron sculptures from this artist near Temecula CA

Another nice view

Iron Horses

The clouds say it all

He's part of the flock

The Birds

Iron Horse

Grapes for good eating

Grows like moss but it's not

Guessing there are at least 10,000 birds in this picture

Route 66  is still alive... Oh yeah.

The base or little ball on Ellie, my ponytail palm was less than 2 inches when I bought it in1975. Now it is over 2 feet in diameter.

Snow Ice and Mud on Cleghorn Road at 5000 feet 2-24-2013

This flower is from the kind of clover that nobody likes

It's a tomato bloom but if you look close you will see a bug in the flower

See the little bug in the tomato bloom

1933 Dodge

Jerry working on his Lincoln motor

1939 Chevy with over 970 horsepower. Hmm!

Mr. Brahma Bull has no horns

Yes I'm a white duck-So what

My bird book calls this a Red-shouldered Hawk

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