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Japanese Elm Bonsai


Jonathan Livingston Seagull flies again

1929 Model A Ford motor

My snack

Pink Daisies

2011 US Mint Proof Set

1929 Model A Ford what a classic

1929 Model A Ford







1929 Model A Ford with rumble seat

My KLR650 is a fun bike on a gravel road


Joshua tree is about the only tree that will grow in parts of the desert

Could you repeat that please

I love my old beater CB1000




Big Strawberries

B17 at Planes of Fame Museum Chino CA Airport

Rainbow Canyon north of Barstow CA

What are you looking at

Double winged flying over


You ole goat

Water! Part of sustenance of life

Moonrise over the mountains

Prospector panning for gold

Three skateboarders coasting down the hill on GMR

All three skateboarders going pretty fast

The white car is the skateboarders traffic controller. The bikes are trying to get around him.

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Mr. Good Year flying over

Oct 1972 - no helmet for the camera


Passion Flower. As a child, this flower vine grew just outside the back door of our house and was always so pretty

Petrified Log 200 million years old in AZ

That's Mr. Peacock if you please