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Fokker Dreidecker--Triplane

Boeing Peashooter P-26A

Boeing Fighter P-12E--F4B-1

162 - P-38 with 2 others from May 2007

It’s just a leaf

Lockheed Lightning 162 - P38J

The P-40 is being backed in for display at Planes of Fame Museum

M4A1 Sherman Tank

P-39N-5 “Little Sir Echo -- Small Fry”

VIDEO  50 Caliber Muzzleloader

Nice house

Planes of Fame Museum WWII Crash site

North American Rockwell Apollo Command Module (CM) mock-up.

It a hole from a blast about 12 feet across and 4 feet deep

North American Super Sabre QF-100D with the tail shot up

We all know who lives here---well most of us do

Roberts Ferry Covered Bridge

My 3 shots at 100 yards with 50 cal muzleloader

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Supposed to be graffiti but it looks like art to me

Graffiti 3

Graffiti 2

Look closely it's made out of scrap metal

Scrap metal stage coach

Yeahhhh I got a new sign

My old CB1000 and David's ST1100

Looking west the storm is clearing over the Pacific

My old 83 CB100 12-1-13

Home - Christmas 2013

Christmas Tree 2013

After Christmas Party at Brad and Shirley's 2013

This is cool Dexter

This is what every motorcyclist needs---30 cal machine gun

Wright Flyer 1903 Flyer