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Lamborghini V10 engine


Mt Wilson Observatory in the background

The Songdog Ranch from the camping area

Robert and I took a tour of BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

VIDEO My fishing hole


Inside the straw-bail ranch house

A visit to Angel Stadium

The front yard at the Songdog Ranch

I love old buildings

VIDEO NJ climbing the hill in his MG

Ellie in full bloom

The iconic windmill at the Songdog Ranch

Inside the ranch house from up stairs

Soon to be a Harvest Moon

She is a happy little person

My ST1300

Taken from the San Grabriel Mountains

This bike is made for the highway but is great on the tight twisties

Beach volley ball in Laguna Beach

VIDEO The golf course

VIDEO My neighborhood

VIDEO Downtown L A not visible

GRR One of my favorite roads

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