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Mig 15 shot 9-1-12

George Burns Rose

Pet moth

Mig 15 shot 3

Eight days without shaving and that's it. I had to shave

Mig 15 and the pilot

Biplane getting ready to take off


Looks like the U S Army was out flying today

This is my 16 inch bonsai pomegranate tree

Mig 15 and F 86 together shot May 2008


Mig 15 shot 4

Over the fence look at a P47 or is it a P51



Mig 15 and F 86 together from May 2008

Early morning Plumeria

The results of my knee surgery

My knee cap problem

Is it ripe

Mouse or rat is hiding from two cats--His body is about 5 inches long

One ripe and two green olives

Mig 15 shot 5

Mig 15 shot 6

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress

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