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Bottle something




Hey...I'm building a nest here. Do you mind

Put a name to it

My ST1100 on GRR

I'm trying to attract my mate

Crane Fly measures about 3 inches from leg to leg

Nixon's place

Newcombs the afternoon of 4-12-2015

House Wren

Mr Hopper

A couple of STs at GMR--GRR crossing

A very complex fence.

He is always sneaking pictures of everyone else so....

Tank with a smile

This is Tank. His shell is about 10 inches from head to tail


Honey Bee

From the Nixon Library

Nixon for US Senator

Nixon's wagon. The same one

Richard Nixon

Part of the Berlin Wall from the Nixon Library

Pat Nixon

Nixon's old typewriter

I love old Typewriters

Old Royal Typewriter

April 2015Click on the picture
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Austin Healey 3000  A British sports car

My friend Dick after some computer alterations

Amaryllis in bloom.