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Quatal Canyon Road 4-6-13

Heck of a place to park, must be car trouble

Cuyama Peak Lookout 9 miles


A no longer used cattle loading chute and corral

Off of Quatal Canyon road

Cluck Cluck

Over 200 year old Juniper

Jim and I at the Song Dog Ranch

Red-winged Blackbird will get nasty if you get too close to their nest

Petunia clump

I'm hiding so you can't see me

The beauty of the mountains near sundown

Beauty in the desert

Wild flower in the desert

Gary and I getting beer for the campsite

Song Dog Ranch campsite from the hills

Song Dog Ranch

Japanese Zero getting ready for the 2013 Chino Air Show

Canadian Goose

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway caboose no longer in use

Pink Caddy


Perfect tree

Bet there is a lot of history from this wagon


Taking a break in Arizona

Disneyland Monorail

Amaryllis once a year

Disneyland Monorail 2

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