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Carnival Splendor back

Jenny and Karen

Karen 4-3-2011

Greg 4-3-2011

Karen Greg 4-3-2011

Big Tom Turkey

Baby Turkeys.



Song Dog Ranch


Karen 4-2011

Yeah that's me Einstein

Karen Jenny Greg Steve 4-2011

Einstein. Have I earned that name

Stunt pilot practicing

School must be out

Karen Greg Jim 4-2011

The little Piggy

1950 Chevy

From the look they are giving me I would guess they are saying-Stay the hell away

This guy is flying

Seagull following the boat

Stunt pilot still practicing

Get off of my drum

Yeah we're just sitting around yakking away

This has been one gull of a day

Up up and away

Getting lined up for the race

You guys ready

Offshore Drilling

April. 2011Click on the "picture" to enlarge
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Night shot off the Long Beach pier

This is the queen her self Queen Mary

My two favs at Long Beach GP

Vet  No 4

Long Beach GP Image 1

Long Beach GP Image 2

Tantalum a nice place for a drink

Carnival Splendor

Carnival Splendor front

Long Beach GP Image 3

Long Beach GP Image 4

Pirates at the Long Beach GP

From the Harbor in Long Beach

Pomegranate15 inch and Ginkgo 10 inch bonsai trees

Pomegranate bloom

5 baby mouths to feed. What's a mother to do

Lilly please

Gal Nipper. That's what my dad called them