I wonder if there is copper in that green mountain

If they could just stay pretty all summer long-but they won’t

This hillside is filled with California Poppies

This plant makes a beautiful flower

In the mountains of San Diego County

This is about as close as I wanted to get

I'm just an Egret - Stay away from me with that motorcycle

Half inch of beauty

I got him out of his nest and he is still ugly

San Diego County

I got him out of his nest by touching the web with a twig

Interesting graffiti

Hurry up and take the da-- picture

The old gives way to the new

California Poppies

Another view of the beautiful Kern River

It's not your little red wagon

The train's tunnel

This field is filled with little yellow flowers

Looking down the Kern River

This campsite was made for a big ole RV But it’s on the river and so pretty

This train was passing by and I had to shoot it

The hills of central California

Up Close

This is a great spot of a respite from a good ride

My Tent

Wild flower

VIDEO - Riders with 1 Passenger

This is a good group of riders

Part of the group going through the curve on the way to Borrego Springs CA

Iron sculptures in the desert

Iron Sculpture in the desert of a big bird

Sculpture of a very big bird and is nest

The detail is incredible

Palomar Observatory

This is a mockup of the 200 inch telescope

At the base of the 200 inch telescope

Two pics together to show how it works

APRIL 2010Click on the “picture” to enlarge
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At the top of the 200 inch telescope

Even the thistles are pretty in the spring

Shroom is popping up

Entrance to Palomar Observatory













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