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LBRADS MARKETING is a Division of Four Star Mold Corp. and is the marketing arm for photos, the cookbook “Cooking For One, It’s A Piece Of Sauce” and other products.  The cookbook can be purchased from this link.


Four Star Mold Corp, the parent corporation, is headquartered in Garden Grove, California.  See this web site for more information. 


FOUR STAR MOLD CORP. is a company that manufacturers Investment Casting Molds, mostly for the aerospace industry.  Investment casting, also known as “Lost Wax Investment Casting”, is a process that has been around for over five thousand years.  Today Investment casting is used for many purposes.  Quite often, jewelry is made with this process along with other products.  One of the largest uses of Investment Casting is in the Aerospace industry.


The process is generally used for small parts in the industry but large castings such as aircraft door frames can also be manufactured this way.  Many parts used in Aerospace have a very intricate design and require special high performance alloys which would be almost impossible to manufacturer in other ways.  It is used for products such as an impeller for a jet engine, pump housing for circulating floods or a host of other applications.   Other industries that use the investment cast process include military, medical, commercial and automotive.


The process is quite complex and this is where Four Star Mold Corp. comes in.  We manufacture the casting mold from high quality aluminum with the cavity of the part inside and assembled with an injection port, usually in the side of the mold.  The component to be cast is produced when the foundry injects a special wax into the mold.  The mold is then disassembled, the wax product removed then reassembled for injection again to make as many parts as needed. 


The wax part is then dipped, or invested, into a ceramic slurry mixture.  A fine sand is applied to the invested wax pattern, allowed to dry then dipped again.  This process is repeated until the shell is thick enough to receive the molten metal. Drying times can be from 24 to 48 hours.


After the shell has been constructed, the wax is removed by placing it in a furnace (hence, the lost-wax process).  The shell is then fired at temperatures of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  This leaves a ceramic impression of the part to be cast.  Most foundries remove the shells from the furnace while still hot and then pour the molten metal into the ceramic shell.  After the molten metal cools, the shell is removed and the part is ready to be machined and finished.

THE COOKBOOK “Cooking For One, It’s A Piece Of Sauce”  is a cookbook written with the novice in mind.  The recipes are simple and to the point and written so the average person can understand their meaning.  The book has many recipes and most are very healthy.  There is a Difficulty Scale for each recipe telling you how hard it is to prepare and a list of tools needed.  This offers the neophyte cook the ability to choose a recipe that he or she can do without over extending their equipment or ability.  The cookbook is available on



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