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Beauty in Utah

A close up of a 14 inch sunflower in bloom

The little Honey Bee is sneaking into this Sunflower

Sunflower in full bloom

This Tarantula is climbing up a little hill

A face only a mother could love - maybe

In the Fall, the Tarantula spiders come out in the evening

Everyone loves roses

This 2 to 3 inch big guy found a dead tarantula for his dinner

Colorado sunset

Looks like it should be good fishing#

Early morning oil well fire in CO

Elk in Rocky Mountain National Park in CO

Hey I was going to show you my new antlers

The one on the right is a 17 Pointer and 13 of them show in the photo Count them. My nephew Tim got him with a bow and arrow

In the Rockies

More elk in Rocky Mountain National Park in CO This guy is big

Another pretty one

Snap goes the dragon

So what's for dinner

Okay so what is for dinner

Watch it buddy - it's my feeder and I am on guard

A Black Phoebe from my backyard

His feathers look a little disheveled

Isn't this one pretty

Ripe and heavily hanging over

My book calls him Clark's Nutcracker

Beautiful part of CO not far from Ouray

The 2 to 3 inch big bug has lots of color

The water falls over 500 feet in this picture

The Rockies can be oh so beautiful

A beautiful little waterfall

Clark's Nutcracker says - What are you looking at

Here is Clark's Nutcracker again


Get out of my yard - The Black Phoebe says - There my bugs

Get your shoes off and let's go wading

High in the Rockies

Longs Peak and believe it or not, there are people standing on top of this over 14,255 foot mountain in CO

The beautiful sound of the rushing water

It's a weed but a pretty one

My 24 inch grape bonsai produced a nice bunch

I just had to show you the little bug in the flower



July—Aug 2008

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